De Beers - Pitch Won | Crafted a visual narrative redefining diamonds as eternal witnesses of life's evolving story of passion, growth and strength.

Agency: Wolff Olins. Role: Creative Lead / Animator.
Channels: Pitch Concept. Motion Graphics Film. Print.


De Beers wanted to test a business relationship with Wolff Olins and asked us to pitch by developing a way to promote diamonds in a traveling exhibition format.

Diamonds form in a fascinating way. They are made of organic and mineral matter compressed throughout the ages somewhere close to earth's core. In stead of focusing on the usual physical strength diamonds-last-forever metaphor, I decided to elevate these precious stones by acknowledging the temporal and material context from which they have evolved. And portrayed diamond's as an eternal witness of humanity's evolving story of passion, perseverance and growth – which is what love is.

To illustrate that idea, I made a short film of life and the earth evolving through millennia as viewed from the fragmented multifaceted perception of an eternal diamond. Watching the earth transform in nature and beauty, fragility and strength.

I made the various images pass in different angles and trajectories in repeating yet varying patterns like a kaleidoscope time traveller. The work was used on all aspects of the pitch and I was offered to join Wolff Olins full time.

And we won the pitch.