Dedicated 2 consecutive years to helping nonprofit organizations better reach their audience and define their communication strategy.

*These cases are a few highlights from the archives, for further details and a more complete history please get in touch.



Thanet Skills Studio | Developed a visual story of inspiration within each of us, through branding, signage and space design for beacon education system Thanet Skills Studio in the UK.

Agencies: Kin Studios & Closer London. Role: Partner / Creative Lead.
Channels: Branding. Signage. Space Design.



Drinkaware | Crafted a communication strategy to help Drinkaware charity inspire their audience into having a healthier and more balanced relationship with alcohol consumption.

Agency: PublicLife. Role: Strategist.
Channel: Strategy

The Brief
Drinkaware, is the UK’s non-profit organization dedicated to promoting responsible drinking to help reduce alcohol misuse and minimize alcohol-related harm. I was asked to reposition their brand and communication strategy to help them become more relevant and effective.

The Solution
I helped transform Drinkaware’s positioning from an external top-down moralistic communication tactic, in to the always factual, same level, understanding, expert guide and resource for a healthier relationship with alcohol consumption.



Young Minds | Helped YoungMinds create an online environment conducive to young people reaching out when having trouble coping with emotional or mental problems.

Agency: PublicLife. Role: Art Director.
Channel: Digital