Directed, wrote and produced a short film series exploring–what drives our powerful need to find someone special. Leading a production crew and volunteer cast in London, Stockholm and San Francisco.


Channels: Film. Content.
Role: Director. Producer. Writer. Editor. VFX Artist.
Agency: Kin Studios.

Part 1:
2:30 min. Part 2 coming soon.


Focus Of The Film
Across cultures and generations, whether a romantic or a cynic––we all long to find someone we can have a true connection with. Some do unbelievable things in pursuit and search of that one person. But why? This question, is the catalyst for this film.

ADD I began in film in Uni. Returning to film now. This was the beginning of my new journey. To push myself, to grow.

(MOVE) I love the power of film to decipher the elusive nature of the human condition, and distill it into a succinct emotive experience.

Directing + Roles
Although I counted on a hard working production crew, it was a budget production, which included many juniors and volunteers. And in such cases, one has to fulfil many roles. So I wrote, directed, produced, edited, casted, art directed, and did all of its visual effects. *Complete cast & crew credits show at the film’s end.

I thrived in the dynamic of directing film, which requires organizing everyone to shape a cohesive vision—while leading some of the largest crews in the creative world. Which on set requires making a myriad of creative decisions in real-time, in the most unforgiving circumstances.

Talk about working process
Worked with composer to create original music for this.

Working with colorist

Working with crew.

Challenges overcome.


"Like water falling not knowing where to, but constantly helplessly falling, we slip hurrying endlessly to where no one knows, as if born with a promise that we’ll get there, if we just keep going, past this turn.

Rushing to a place we’ve never seen, but are so sure exists. This need is as strong as a memory, proof of somewhere we’re trying to return to, but that we’ve only been to in deep longing, in wishes, in dreams.

This need is stronger than beliefs in god, because those who question god’s existence and give up, never feel as deep a disappointment as those who give up on love".

Story structure. Part 1 is lyrical. Part 2 is a dialogue. Part 3.

Film Stills Parts 1 & 2



Setting Up
We looked at over 50 laundromats to find one with enough space to do the opening shot. And with the right type of old style dryers that spin at a slower cycle which has that mesmerizing flow of clothing endlessly falling (vs. the chaotic spin of modern dryers).

Then we put up wallpaper, wood-flooring and other details to create the right mood.

Teams & Volunteers
This film involved leading the efforts of a 40+ person cast and crew of mostly volunteer talent, and a few professionals. It was produced in San Francisco, London and Stockholm.

Unlike projects with large budgets and employed teams, personal projects demand a certain ingenuity to maximize small budgets, and inspire volunteers to do their best work.