LG Signature
Social Media Product Launch

Creative direction & video post-production for 3-phase social media campaign launching LG’s line of luxury products.

In Progress! In Progress! In Progress! In Progress!

  • Make :15s

  • And :10s

Role: Creative Director / Post-Production Lead: Video Editor, Colorist, Sound Editor.
Agency: Naked Comms. 
Channels: Content. Social Media. Video. Digital.


Artist Series Video Trailers :15s

DO All 3 artists.


LG was about to launch a line of luxury home products called the LG Signature series. For which agency Naked Comms created an integrated campaign, and I lead the creative direction and post-production of its social media content. Since the social content had to publish first, we decided to bring video post-production in-house. And Naked Comms agency was happy for me to take care of it.

The Art Of Essence Campaign
The campaign featured artists highlighting key aspects of these exceptional LG luxury products. Fashion designer Philip Lim featured the LG Signature washer, chef Dominique Crenn featured the LG Signature fridge, and fine artist Caio Fonseca the LG Signature OLED TV.

:30 Trailer
Tell story of this being the 1st edit of any production. Which set a style for following editorials, including the actual documentary. The set of textures was part of the shot lists I detailed for the production company. In style with my other work, and onto this shoot. > See Falling film link.

Artist Series Video Haikus

Fashion Designer Philip Lim :11


Social CD & Post Production
While overlooking the social campaign creative, I also did all video editing and color-correction, long before any outside production company did their first edit.

Our publishing schedule was very short and proceeded the campaign work. So we had the raw footage delivered at the end of each shoot to keep everything on schedule.


The short haiku-like social media videos had to capture the essence of these artists’ signature craft, but not feature the products yet. The products were featured in other phases of the social campaign which included: a product launch convention, an architecture comparisons series, and a product features phase.

Chef Dominique Crenn :08


Fine Artist Caio Fonseca :10


*More campaign content coming soon.



Editing. Grading. Publishing.

We had to be nimble and adaptive to produce the high quality required for a luxury product line—and meet our social media publishing dates.