Microsoft / Mobile
Helped Microsoft shape their 1st succinct model of mobile marketing to reach enterprise customers.

Role: Creative Director. 
Channels: Mobile Apps. Content. UI/UX.


The Challenge
Microsoft needed a better way to reach enterprise customers and raise engagement across their marketing ecosystem.

Yet the Microsoft B2B group worked in a multi-departmental collaborative structure, without designated singular leadership. And before this project—Microsoft had only made mobile experiences that were essentially crammed versions of desktop content.

The Client Solution
I defined and sold a multi-platform customer-minded creative strategy, that would allow us to streamline the mobile experience for our audience. This provided a unified focus for the multi-department client team. And managed to get everyone at Microsoft excited to work on a singular and streamlined mobile experience.

These two campaigns have been my 2nd and 3rd projects for Microsoft. Where I was able to build strong relationships with a complex client, and move their marketing forward.

Microsoft was very pleased with the results, and used this work as a best case of mobile marketing.


Team & Client Structure
Led a creative team on two concurrent rush large-scale B2B mobile campaigns for Microsoft CMG: Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Private Cloud Solutions, while working in tandem with 3 ad agencies and multiple Microsoft departments.



Creative Director of Social Media

Managed a social media team to improve creative output and deliver social engagement that is: on brand, strategic, and a natural connection between audiences and clients: Philips & Microsoft.

Role: Creative Director. 
Agency: Big Fuel.
Channels: Social Media. Content. Strategy.

Brand Relationship Building & Social Media
Big Fuel hired me to take their social creative teams to the next level. Where I focused on solving some of the shortcomings of the fast turn around demands of social media. And set forth an approach which is rooted in brand strategy and big idea creative thinking.




De Beers
Pitch Won. Crafted a narrative redefining diamonds as eternal witnesses of our world evolving across the ages.

Role: Creative Lead. 
Agency: Wolff Olins.
Channels: Pitch. Motion Graphics Film. Print.


The Brief
De Beers wanted to test a business relationship with Wolff Olins and asked us to pitch by creating a mew concept to promote diamonds in a traveling exhibition format.

Diamonds form in a fascinating way. They are made of organic and mineral matter compressed throughout the ages. So I decided to refresh the brand, by portraying diamonds as an eternal witness of humanity's epic evolution story of passion, determination and growth. Conveying a more modern interpretation of what love is.

Creative Expression
To illustrate this idea, I made a short motion graphics film of life and the earth evolving through millennia as viewed from the multifaceted perception of a diamond. The diamond conveying strength, while witnessing an evolution of nature’s humbling and fragile beauty.

I made the various images pass in different angles and trajectories in repeating yet varying patterns like a kaleidoscope time traveller. The work was used on all aspects of the pitch and I was offered to join Wolff Olins full time.

We won the pitch.



DE International
Branded the evolution of a governmental bureau, into a relationships business.

Role: Senior Creative. Channels: Print. Agency: Wolff Olins.



Digital Products & UX/UI
Helped numerous startups find their USP, develop innovative products, and design best user experiences.

*Case studies available upon request.



Nonprofit & Public Sector
Dedicated 2 consecutive years to helping nonprofit organizations reach their audience, defining their strategy and design.

Worked with a wide range of organizations including front-line focused initiatives for the wellbeing of youth, to nation-wide programs improving support for the entirety of the nonprofit sector. *Case studies available upon request.