Falling - Film | Directed, wrote and produced a short film series exploring our inherent human need to connect – leading a production crew and cast of 40+ in San Francisco, London and Stockholm.

Agency: Kin Studios. Role: Director / Producer / Writer / Art Director / VFX.
Channel: Film • Red System • Part 1 - 2:30 min • Part 2 coming soon.


Power Of Film
I have always loved filmmaking's mission to understand the intricate elusive nature of the human condition and distill it into a graspable succinct experience. 

Across cultures and generations, whether a romantic or a cynic––we all long to find someone we can have a true connection with, but why? This question, and all the unbelievable things we do to find and be with this person, is the catalyst for this film's story.

Script Excerpt
"Like water falling not knowing where to, but constantly helplessly falling, we slip hurrying endlessly to where no one knows, as if born with a promise that we’ll get there, if we just keep going, past this turn.

Rushing to a place we’ve never seen, but are so sure exists. This need is as strong as a memory, proof of somewhere we’re trying to return to, but that we’ve only been to in deep longing, in wishes, in dreams.

This need is stronger than beliefs in god, because those who question god’s existence and give up, never feel as deep a disappointment as those who give up on love".

Directing & Volunteers
Filmmaking requires combining almost all forms of creativity while managing some of the largest crews in the creative world, in the most unforgiving circumstances. You must forge a cohesive vision leading teams in concert at the same time. And to reach that cohesive result with a volunteer crew – one has to become quite good at inspiring teams.

Directing these films completes a media-agnostic storytelling form along with the rest of my diverse work.


Film Stills




Quality Versus Noncommercial Limits
Producing and directing noncommercial film requires tremendous energy and focus to drive the whole process while pursuing quality against budget limits and time. Falling - required leading the efforts of a 40+ person cast and crew of mostly volunteer talent (and a few professionals). It was produced in San Francisco, London and Stockholm.

Self-initiated Projects
It takes a very strong creative drive to do an ambitious project that you're not required to do. Every creative would like to direct a film or create something personal in a similar way, but it takes a tremendous amount of discipline, drive, dedication, time (and money) to complete such projects.

We grow from each challenge that we take. And as soon as we finish one, we look forward to the next one to find out what else we can do.

Setting Up