Funky Monkey™ | Directed a series of interactive animations stating the importance of following one's life passions and the power of one's choices to shape our lives.

Agency: Kin Studios. Role: Director / Writer / Animator / Illustrator / Sound Designer.
Channels: Digital. Social Art Platform. Animation. Photography. Content.


The Impetus
Just after university I went travelling in Europe and was blown away by the diverse ways of life there; how people valued life. So I was inspired to share this feeling, and created a series of interactive-animated vignettes which made a case for the value of following one's life dreams, of being present in each moment, and of getting to know oneself in the process.

Little did I know how much this project was about to change the trajectory of my life.

Process & Collaboration
I directed and produced the project by forming a group of volunteer programmers and creative collaborators, to bring this message to life across various media types including programmatic animation, photography, and sound design.

The reaction was unprecedented. Years before social media, I received thousands of messages from people all over the world and across a myriad of walks of life. And launching this project lead directly to direct client relationships with Ferrari, and Macau Ale/Kirin Beer. Which then connected me to a global community of amazing creatives.

The project was covered in major design books by Die Gestalten Verlag: Los Logos, Coast to Coast, and Pictoplasma. And in many web publications, including a mention on the Wall Street Journal by film director Iara Lee.


Pulsing - Video of Interactive Animation

Here's one complete vignette proposing the value of quieting all external distractions to find the clarity to understand your deepest passions. The original interactive piece flashed the message to "Be still" each time the cursor was moved. Only once the user stopped moving and managed to 'be still' for a couple of seconds, is when the slow paced animation began to play.


Crafting Funky Monkey™