Funkymonkey™ Inspiration Project | Made a series of 10 interactive animated experiences stating the importance of following one's life passions, reaching the hearts of thousands (before social media in 2002).

Agency: Kin Studios. Role: Creative Director / Curator / Writer.
Channels: Digital. Social Art Platform. Animation. Photography. Content.


The Backstory
I had been traveling to quite a few places in the world with a decisive openness to meet new people in each place I visited, and be open to adventures. I kept meeting amazing people along the way and kept a journal of these experiences. Once returning home, I noticed that my perception of the world had dramatically changed. My awareness of what is possible and what one can aspire to achieve had widened dramatically. So I set out to create a set of interactive experiences that would engage audiences to contemplate the reasons for following one's life dreams and the value of being present in each moment.

This project launched in 2001, and has really stood the unforgiving test of 'digital' time.

The Process
I produced the project by forming a group of volunteer programmers and creative collaborators, some working on site and some remotely. It's an interesting challenge to push work quality from many volunteers whilst keeping a strong cohesive singular voice, without any budget.

It was the start of my career crafting long-form media-rich storytelling beyond commercial design. A notable difference being that one must connect with audiences through the story alone (without any product).

It turned out to be a career-changing project since launched in 2002. And the reaction was unprecedented as I received thousands of messages from audiences all over the world (many years before social media). This lead to becoming part of a global community of amazing creatives. And lead to the direct client relationship with Macau Ale / Kirin Beer. 

Funkymonkey was covered in three design books by Die Gestalten Verlag: Los Logos, Coast to Coast: Contemporary American Graphic Design, and Pictoplasma. And in many web publications.