LG Signature
Product Launch

Creative direction & video post-production for a multi-phase social media campaign promoting the launch of LG’s line of luxury products.

Role: Creative Director / Video Editor & Colorist.
Agency: Naked Comms. 
Channels: Content. Social Media. Video. Digital.

Artist Series Video Haiku Teasers


The Challenge
LG was about to launch their gorgeous line of luxury home products – the LG Signature series. They needed a Creative Director with a deep understanding of social media content and video production to lead the social content, and make a challenging publishing schedule possible.


The Social Campaign
The Art Of Essence campaign featured a combination of short documentaries of artists representing the aspects of these exceptional LG luxury products. These included fashion designer Philip Lim for the LG Signature washer, chef Dominique Crenn for the LG Signature fridge, and visual fine artist Caio Fonseca for the LG Signature OLED TV.

*Above is a sample compilation of the short haiku-like trailers for the artists’ documentaries.

Creative Direction & Video Production
I provided creative direction, video post-production, and production planning. A combination which is becoming increasingly needed. And that proved indispensible for making the publishing schedule and budget possible.

I detalied specific shots for each of the shoots specific for the format and length of social media platforms. And took care of the video post-production, before any version of the commercials were even edited. 





Editing. Grading. Transcoding.

  • Planning a fast and overlapping production schedule from shoot to delivery.

  • Video editing, navigating hours of footage, before any rough-cut for the TVCs existed.

  • Color-correction of each shot (see preview of process on this video).

  • Coordinating RAW footage right after each shoot and immediately transcoding while editing on another workstation.

  • Sound production.