LG Signature Series | Creative direction for social media & video series, and video post-production – for LG's luxury products launch.

Agency: Naked Comms. Role: Creative Director / Video Editor / Colorist.
Channels: Video. Social Media Content. Digital.

Artists Series • Video Haiku Compilation

LG was about to introduce the LG Signature series, a gorgeous line of luxury products. They needed a Creative Director to lead various social media campaigns and with a deep understanding of video production to coordinate their shoots with a tight social media publishing schedule.


Creative Direction & Video Production Synergy
I provided creative direction and planning for quality video post-production to promote an artists’ documentary series. Having a deep understanding of the filmmaking process became indispensable to guide a complex collaboration between the TVC and social content production and deliver the work in such a short turnaround window.

Artists’ Video Haikus
Above is a compilation of the short videos I crafted in a haiku-like format to create intrigue for the upcoming longer documentaries.

I planned specific shots for the video directors for this format, edited, color-corrected, and sound mixed the videos myself before any version of the TVCs were even at rough-cut stage.


Editing. Grading. Transcoding.

Quality film production requires a deep understanding of a mix of creative and technical skills beyond that of most creative channels. 

  • Planning a fast yet realistic production schedule from shoot to delivery. 
  • Video editing, navigating hours of footage and interviews for the right shots, before any rough-cut for the TVCs existed.
  • Color-correction of each shot (see sample of process on the video to the right).
  • Coordinating RAW footage right after each shoot and immediately transcoding while editing on another workstation.
  • Sound production.