Be-Lufthansa - Direct Client | Helped Lufthansa attract a diversity of empathetic self-starters – while telling the story of what working at Lufthansa is like.

Agencies: Kin Studios & Closer London. Role: Digital Agency Partner / Creative Director (Digital).
Channels: Digital. Branding.


Partnership & Brief
Lufthansa was facing a problem of not attracting a wide enough range of prospective employees and were determined to change this.

I partnered with branding agency Closer London and lead the entire digital side of Be-Lufthansa.

Lufthansa had been recognized two years in a row as a great company to work for in Germany. I decided to shift the content approach from what was then a web portal filled with white papers listing lengthy requirements and wordy task descriptions, and turned it into a story-focused "online window" to help applicants see what working at Lufthansa is like, and therefore inspire a much wider range of interest.

For the visual direction, I was inspired by the Lufthansa headquarters. And developed a look and feel based on aviation engineering. The client was super excited about this and at one point there was discussions as to whether the main interface curve shape was correct from an aerodynamic perspective!

Photography Brief
I created very specific guidelines for photographers to focus on authenticity, and enable audiences to see the real story of what it's like to work at Lufthansa. show employees naturally engrossed in their roles. To

On Large Client Groups
Working with such a large client who's decisions are made by a large committee poses certain challenges, such as managing a variety of expectations and orchestrating various types of feedback to keep the project moving forward. Yet, Lufthansa was always a pleasure to work with.