Aladdin Bev / Kirin - Direct Client | Crafted Macau Ale into a remarkable brand and stand out in a crowded market. Defining an aspirational brand story speaking to the taste explorer within us.

Agency: Kin Studios. Role: Creative Director / Account Manager / Designer. 
Channels: Print. Branding. Packaging. Products.

*Case study in development


An American distributor of Kirin started a partnership with Kirin to import their Macau brand, and approached me to re-brand it.

My client wanted something unique and remarkable. They said: "We want that when people see it, they will have to know what it is". And I was not allowed to see the original branding or packaging.


I decided to give Macau Ale a sense of heritage, a perfection developed through time. To mix that heritage with a sense of modernity; to feel new yet classic. And to give it a sense of being an art-deco legend with the clear Asian roots of the ale.

Macau Island's unique cultural mix of asian roots and a Portuguese influence – inspired me to bring into the brand a combination of asian aesthetics, and hints of colonial architecture.

Visual Story
Each of the four corners of the illustrative image represents the old world view of the 4 corners of the world. And each corner has its own horizon of sea and stars fading into the distance, from which a resounding wave rises to meet the other waves of the other three worlds. Where these four corners of the world merge, is the international cross-cultural origin of Macau.