Microsoft / Student | Made Microsoft relevant to students by transforming a marketing portal into a story-sharing insight platform helping upcoming graduates enter the professional world.

Agency: McCann. Role: Creative Lead / Content Lead.
Channels: Digital. Community Insight-Sharing Platform.


Microsoft wanted to win the interest of students about to enter the professional world, with the challenge of beating the results of a website version launched only 6 months prior.

The brief requested for their student home site to be rebranded and made more attractive to students by changing its tone, imagery and design.

I proposed that a superficial change wouldn't have an effect on a savvy student generation who doesn't respond to traditional advertising models. I then suggested creating a truly useful platform and prove Microsoft's relevance rather than only talk about it.

I evolved Microsoft’s student portal website from traditional marketing telling students they should buy Microsoft products - to a platform proving Microsoft products' relevance in the audiences’ lives.

We did this by using Microsoft Office products to provide students with free tutorials, templates and shared field stories to help them transition from a student life and enter the professional world. Including vital insight on aspects of their studies, practical parts of life, and tips for their imminent professional future. 

*See the website images for content examples.



322% Increase in product offer engagement.
49% Increase in unique visitors.
18% Increase in homepage landing engagement rate.
40% Increase in average page views per visit.

ZD Net Review
“Microsoft student rises like a phoenix from the beta ashes” - Zach Wittacker



McCann's Interns As Target Audience
I recruited McCann's interns to help us develop the type of content they needed as they began their lives in the professional world. We then recruited students at universities to further develop and own the platform.

I'm interested in activating communities of audiences sharing circumstances. And often champion a natural interaction between those communities and a promise that a brand can genuinely fulfill.

*McCann used this project as an agency best example, and I was invited to join their team as a full time Creative Director.