Funky Monkey
Follow Your Dreams! Directed a series of 10 interactive-animated stories conveying the importance of following one's true passions—and the power of one's choices to shape our lives.

Channels: Content. Digital. Interactive Storytelling. Animation.
Role: Director. Writer. Animator. Illustrator. UX/UI. Photographer. Sound Designer.
Agency: Kin Studios.

Interactive-Animation Reel :33


The Impetus
On my first time travelling in Europe (6 moths), I was inspired by the creativity and diversity of people I met along the way, especially in London. When getting to know their stories, I kept thinking of the power that one’s passionate choices has to shape one’s life. Afterwards, I wanted to share this inspiration with the world.

The Project
So I created a series of interactive-animated animations—which made a case for the importance of following one's wishes, the power of one’s choices, and opportunity of getting to know oneself in the process.

Team Work
I put together, and led a team of volunteer programmers and collaborators, who helped me bring this interactive story to life. I took care of all: creative direction, writing, animation, illustration, photography, and sound design.

Soon after launch, thousands of people from all over the world, and many agency creatives got in touch. Including the Wall Street Journal. Which resulted in working directly with Ferrari, and direct client Macau Ale/Kirin Beer. And connected me to a global community of amazing creatives I’m still close to today.

The project was covered in major design books by Die Gestalten Verlag: Los Logos, Coast to Coast, and Pictoplasma. And in many web publications, including a mention on the Wall Street Journal by film director Iara Lee.


Pulsing - One Of The Interactive Animations


Fire Bird - Symbolic Navigation Interaction


Crafting: Funky Monkey™