LG Signature
Creative direction & video post-production helping LG launch a line of luxury products through social media.

Channels: Social Media. Video.
Role: Creative Director & Post-Production Lead. Editor. Colorist.
Agency: Naked Comms.

Artist Videos Social Media

:30 Chef Dominique Crenn — for the LG Signature luxury refrigerator. First editorial.


LG was about to launch a line of luxury home products—the LG Signature series. I had a double role of creative director and post-production lead of its multi-phase social media campaign named The Art Of Essence. Which featured a series of celebrity documentaries promoting the artistry and quality of these luxury home products.

Content Creative Direction
The multi-phase social campaign included a series of short artists videos, posts for Instagram and Facebook. Which ran in 3 phases, listed backwards below (phase 3, 2, 1).

Additionally to creative, I led the entire video post-production phase (editorial and color-correction). No director or production company present, since we launched before. Each editorial began as a :30 (as above). Then did :10-15s.

Director: Kevin Osgood.



Artist Videos
For social, where content needs to connect through a visceral language, I focused on capturing a sense of the artists’ signature craft which would come across almost instinctually. And defined shot lists with close-up inserts showing a tactile sense of craft, textures, taste, tools.

Director: Kevin Osgood.

:10 Fashion designer Philip Lim highlights the LG Signature washer.


The social content had to launch long before the full documentaries, before any outside production, and on a tight schedule.

I helped agency NakedComms—plan and execute a workflow to meet a fast turnaround schedule, and still deliver luxury video.

We had footage delivered directly after each shoot. Had editorial sent to LG for approval, then color-graded and published before an outside production company did their editorials.

Director: Josh Taft.

:10 Artist Caio Fonseca — for the LG Signature OLED TV.


*Case study update in progress.

Artist Social Posts

We also curated many content pieces for some of the artists to post on their social channels.


Product Features.
Coming soon.


Preceding campaigns.


Architecture & Design Facebook

The social media content launched in separate phases, in which we included other campaigns.

Here to the right, the metro campaign featured comparisons of iconic architecture to the LG Signature Series.


IFA Convention Germany

The introduction of the LG Signature Series was first introduced at the IFA Convention in Germany. For which we did a series of Facebook and Instagram posts.


Post-Production Notes


Editing. Grading. Publishing.

We had to be nimble and adaptive to produce the high quality required for a luxury product line—and meet our social media publishing dates.

The overall look of the Dominique Creen shoot was great. Yet since it was done for a documentary style, it had to be treated quite a bit for a style of luxury.