Aladdin Bev / Kirin
Direct Client. Turned Macau Ale into a remarkable brand. Creating an aspirational brand story speaking to the taste explorer within us.

Channels: Branding. Identity. Packaging. Products. Print.
Role: Creative Director & Account Director.
Direct Client: Aladdin Bev / Kirin Holdings.

Brand Identity & Packaging


The Challenge
An American distributor of Kirin started a partnership with Kirin to import their Macau brand, and approached me to re-brand it.

My client wanted something unique and remarkable. They said: "We want that when people see it, they will have to know what it is". Yet they didn’t want me to see how the original branding or packaging looked.


The Solution
I decided to give Macau Ale a sense of heritage, a perfection developed through time. To mix that heritage with a sense of modernity; to feel new yet classic. Macau Island's unique cultural mix of asian roots and a Portuguese influence – inspired me to bring to the brand a combination of asian aesthetics, and hints of colonial architecture.

Visual Story
To give it a sense of legend, each of the four corners of the illustrated world, represents an “old world” view of having “4 corners of the world”. And each corner has its own horizon of sea and stars fading into the distance, from which a resounding wave rises to meet the other rising waves of the other three worlds. Where these four corners of the world merge, is the international cross-cultural world of Macau.