Suzuki Vision
Helped Suzuki shape a new brand vision, activating customer communities and making every point of contact a statement of quality.

Channels: Integrated Branding. Digital. UX/UI. Product Design. Customer Experience.
Role: Creative Lead. Strategist.
Agency: Wolff Olins UK.


The Challenge
Suzuki had been building a great product with their race motorcycles often winning. But they needed to find focus, and align the various departments within the business group. They also needed a path to move the brand forward.

The Solution
We introduced Suzuki to a set of brand values based on the Japanese tradition for pursuit of perfection; but adding a modern innovative and holistic perspective. Our goal was to move Suzuki from product only brand, to one that also considers their customer relationships, and sales with the same commitment and level of quality.

Role: Strategist, Creative, Prototype Builder
Wolff Olins asked me to be part of the planning team and help shape the strategy for Suzuki's new brand story. I then continued as creative lead for all aspects: shaping the brand story, art direction, UI and prototype building of the brand guide app.


At Wolff Olins
I loved the dedication to quality and appreciation of craft everyone had at Wolff Olins London. It connected us, and enabled true collaboration.

This experience set forth a series of some of my favorite working relationships with Wolff Olins’ alumni.


Activating A Community

Suzuki customers were very loyal, but had no brand story to embrace or share. And in the tightly integrated community of motorbike riders––that was a missed opportunity.

We introduced customer based community rides, and a Suzuki Club to celebrate and activate the brand affinity of a customer base that was eager to be united. And help them turn fans into natural brand evangelists.


Products - Big Picture In Every Small Detail

Each branded touchpoint defines the relationship between that brand and their customers. And physical products can create an even more personal connection.

To communicate Suzuki’s commitment to quality, I designed some of Suzuki's smaller products. Such as: an oil container, and the motorbike key.